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Lake Havasu - Arizona getaways and vacation spots in Arizona
A popular Arizona getaway and vacation spot, Lake Havasu City has beautiful lake and mountain views.

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Fun vacation spots in Arizona

Choosing fun vacation spots in Arizona can be like sorting through a large box of assorted chocolates–they all look appealing, but which among them will prove most desirable? Lake Havasu City is that rare escape with appealing natural beauty, quickening your natural desires for fun. With more than 300 days of glorious sunshine every year and lots to see and do year-round, it's the boating Mecca of the Southwest and a popular Arizona weekend getaway.

Arizona getaways to adventure

With more than 60 miles of navigable waterways and no speed or size restrictions for boats, Lake Havasu offers possibilities for aquatic adventures as vast as the wide Western sky. It's no wonder why it's well-known as one of the premier vacation spots in Arizona for boating enthusiasts! With its proximity to Southern California, Las Vegas and Phoenix, many boaters in the area have made Lake Havasu their preferred destination for a leisurely Arizona weekend getaway.

Sail the afternoon away at a leisurely pace or carry out your own Jacques Cousteau expedition and explore the depths of Lake Havasu in full scuba gear. Bring the kids out to play on the white sandy beaches and watch them splash, dive and swim in the clear blue waters of the lake. Unsurpassed by any other Arizona getaways, the opportunities for fun and adventure are limitless!

When it’s time to dry off, head out into the surrounding desert landscape to frolic in the last fringes of the Western frontier, where you'll discover even more fun that this Arizona getaway has to offer. Hike all day through breathtaking red-rock beauty and set up camp underneath the most brilliant night sky you’ll likely ever see. Scoff at antiquated notions like “boundaries” while you roll over gargantuan sand dunes in the area’s many off-road Arizona playgrounds, or discover an oasis of rock climbing suitable for all skill levels.

A friendly vacation spot in Arizona, packed with plenty for all to see and do

Looking for a little civilization? Head back to Lake Havasu City for top-notch dining, gambling, entertainment and shopping. Tour the world-famous London Bridge or relax in a lakeside bistro. Whether you’re vacationing with friends or on a family outing for the perfect Arizona weekend getaway, Lake Havasu City is filled with friendly, helpful locals who greet you with a smile. Among the many vacation spots in Arizona, this one puts legendary Southern hospitality to shame.

The perfect hub for Arizona getaways

With so many vacation spots in Arizona to choose from, you’ll find that Lake Havasu City is the perfect home base for all of your Southwestern expeditions to the Arizona getaways in the region, including Las Vegas, Phoenix, the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge and more. Explore our Arizona road trip ideas!

Spring Break

Lake Havasu City is also well-known as one of the top Spring Break destinations in the United States. Plans for Spring Break 2017 and beyond are to offer spring breakers a more well-rounded Spring Break experience, to include recreation, events, attractions, and visiting businesses throughout Lake Havasu City.

The goals are to provide an economic stimulus for Lake Havasu City, attract students seeking a more upscale Spring Break experience, provide positive alternatives to high-risk behaviors, and engage social media to show the positive impact of Spring Break on Lake Havasu City. As a long-term benefit, the more that spring breakers learn about Lake Havasu City during their Spring Break weeks, the more reasons they'll have to return here as visitors or residents after graduation!

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So come let loose here on Arizona’s playground! There’s no end to the amount of action you can pack into Arizona getaways to Lake Havasu City. Ask for our Visitors Guide and sign up to receive the latest enews from Lake Havasu City. Soon you’ll be asking for Lake Havasu, Arizona relocation information!

Lake Havasu City - Arizona weekend getaways

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