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Arizona Vortex Energy Sites: Lake Havasu City

Arizona vortex energy sites in Lake Havasu City
While many purported international and Arizona vortex sites are well-known – the prehistoric monuments at Stonehenge, the Giza pyramids, and Sedona, the Arizona vortex site famous for its red rocks, all come to mind, the Lake Havasu City area is slowly becoming known as an Arizona vortex site in its own right.

What is a vortex?

In the simplest terms, a vortex is a swirling mass of energy that can be manifested in the form of tornadoes in air or whirlpools in water. However, not all vortexes (also known as vortices) are visible. Many people also believe in the presence of spiritual vortexes, areas where unusual or unique concentrations of electromagnetic activity affect the body’s chakras, or energy points, creating shifts in consciousness. This is called vortex energy healing of the mind, body and spirit. Others have experienced vortexes as a portal for spiritual movement across dimensions.

To find out if you are affected by vortex energy (or if you know you already have such sensitivity), then visiting one of these sites may be rewarding for you. Find a place to sit and meditate, or read a book. The electronic energy fields surrounding Lake Havasu City are considered by many to be light, nurturing centers that can allow you to discover yourself.

Where are these Vortex sites?

The nine main vortex energy sites in and around Lake Havasu City are provided below with GPS coordinates and driving directions. Remember that when you visit the distant sites, normal hiking precautions should be followed. Bring plenty of water! Pack out what you pack in so we remain good stewards of our natural resources.

To download all information on this page, click here (PDF, 601kb)

Vortex energy sites in Lake Havasu City

Vortex Name GPS Distance*   Elev.   Accessibility   Energy** Description
Lake Havasu City, Arizona Vortex Sites (located in & around town)
Angel Mountain Vortex 34.522140, -114.269750 DM: 6.5 mi
ACF: 5.6 mi
≈1800' Standard vehicle Portal, neutral County-managed. Top of Kiowa Bl. to the end of Bison Bl. pavement, Angel Mt on left at dirt road. Cairns mark trail at end of low wire fence and leads to the path. Climb 100’–150’ to top (loose rock trail).
Foot Hills Vortex 34.543830, -114.211690 DM: 11.1 mi
(varies, depending on which road is taken)
≈3000' High clearance/
Neutral, counter-clockwise BLM-managed. Above Bison Falls approx. 0.5-1 mi. Narrow dirt and rocky roads, stay on widest road. Look for three road convergence low point.
Pittsburg Mine Vortex 34.522830, -114.214030 DM: 10 mi
(varies, depending on which road is taken)
≈2700' High clearance/
Female BLM-managed. Two approaches: (1) Near the top of McCulloch Bl. take Coral Reef at Aloha dirt road (34.49205,-114.26386) north toward Pittsburg Mine around the Cherry Tree development. Stay on widest road until fork (34.51603,-114.23900) and go right. Very hilly and steep. (2) Go beyond Angel Mt to the cement slab open area (34.53045,-114.25545) and take right dirt road to the fork (34.51603,-114.23900), turn left.
Crazy Horse Area Vortex 34.46751,-114.35565 DM: 1mi
ACF: 0.7 mi
≈450' Standard vehicle Female State-managed. Follow McCulloch Bl. over the London Bridge, turn right on Beachcomber Bl. In 0.5 mi turn left after yellow fire hydrant on dirt road toward maintenance building, then immediate left onto old airstrip road heading back toward mainland. Follow for 0.2 mi. Park at 34.46762,-114.35602. Walk east though bushes to a large clearing (across from Crazy Horse complex) between Beachcomber Bl. and McCulloch Bl.
Beachcomber Vortex 34.45919,-114.36606 DM: 1.6 mi
ACF: 1.4 mi
≈450' Standard vehicle Neutral State-managed. Follow McCulloch Bl. over the London Bridge onto the island approx. 1.5 mi turn left into drive after passing Porta Celeste Drive. Make immediate right onto dirt road and go south 0.1 mi.
Body Beach Vortex 34.45778, -114.33506 DM: 1.4 mi
ACF: 1.2 mi
≈500' Standard vehicle Male State-managed. Where Mulberry Ave. meets Park Ave., turn left onto dirt road and follow it back toward Hwy. 95, then follow the sharp right corner up the hill toward the water until it dead-ends at the foot of the tallest dune.
Yonder Park Vortex 34.49989,-114.27409 DM: 4.8 mi
ACF: 4.6 mi
≈1300' Standard vehicle Female City-managed. At the top of McCulloch Bl. toward Mohave Mountains, turn north onto Cherry Tree Bl. Go one block then turn right on Yonder Dr. Park on street and walk to top of ridge on back-east side of the park beyond the developed area. You will see a bench at the top of the ridge.
SARA Park, Dylan’s Dog Park Vortex 34.45024,-114.26989 DM: 5.7 mi
ACF: 4.6 mi
≈700' Standard vehicle Neutral City-managed. From Hwy. 95, turn right onto S McCulloch Bl. toward the rodeo grounds. Turn right onto dirt road opposite the dog park and continue to the bend. The small rise is the site.
Standard Wash Vortex 34.44147,-114.18692 DM: 11.3 mi
ACF: 9.4 mi
≈1400' High clearance/
Portal, female BLM-managed. 3.5 mi south on Hwy. 95 past SARA Park main entrance, then look for the kiosk on left and turn onto dirt road. Drive toward Mohave Mountains, 3 mi straight in. Turn right and in approx. ¾ mi, look left for a blue paint spot on ground at base of small hill.

*Distance (from the London Bridge)
DM=Driving mileage
ACF="As the crow flies"

**Energy Explanations
Portal: Subtle energy movement
Female or Male: Energizes that gender
Neutral: Either female or male is energized
Counter-clockwise: Opposite from normal spin

Vortex Site Tours

Tours are available by appointment only. Please contact Holly Dove at 928-302-1405 or