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Story Ideas

Attention, assignment editors, producers, editors, reporters and freelance writers:

Lake Havasu City / London Bridge offers a boatload of story ideas!

For a city of over 52,000 people, we have a lot going on. Interesting people, beautiful scenery, and special events that are truly, well, special. Here are just a few stories we can help you develop.

Year-Round Story Ideas

Is the London Bridge Haunted?

If Lake Havasu City’s signature attraction isn’t haunted, then nothing is. How do we know the bridge is haunted? Apparently, EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena) and abnormalities in photos have been captured. There is evidence of so-called residual haunting in slate and iron nails. Come meet local experts and explore this fascinating possibility.

How Hot is Havasu? How Does a Desert Playground Cope with the Heat?

Oh yeah, it’s hot in Havasu in the summer. So hot, the London Bridge Resort’s doors have insulating cozies on the handles. One local bakes cookies on her dashboard! But locals and visitors alike believe the heat is what makes boating on Lake Havasu so refreshing, especially in Bridgewater Channel or the Sandbar where dozens of powerboats (and hundreds of people) raft up and cool off.

Lighthouses in the Desert?

You’re in the middle of the desert, about two hours south of Las Vegas, and you’re surrounded by 24 lighthouses. A mirage? No. But creating small-scale lighthouses is the dream of western Arizona lighthouse fans who have built 24 replica lighthouses to help boaters navigate on Lake Havasu. Learn about the Lake Havasu Lighthouse Club.

Experience Lake Havasu’s Wild Side

We’re not talking spring break-wild, we’re talking wild west-wild. ATV, dirt bike, Jeep and other off-road vehicle enthusiasts can enjoy the open spaces of the desert and mountains surrounding Lake Havasu City. There’s also:

Topock Gorge

Breathtaking scenery – Lake Havasu wilderness extends down to the bank line on both the Arizona and California sides. Take a five-hour tour with Sunset Boat Tours. Indian petroglyphs trace the stories of early peoples who lived along the lower Colorado River.

Parker Dam

Steepest dam in the world – 320 feet high with only 85 feet visible above the waterline. The reservoir formed by the dam, Lake Havasu, stores water for southern California. (Coming to Lake Havasu City means you’re playing in L.A. tap water).

Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge

Take a stroll along the walkway at the Visitor Center where you can spot turkey vultures, mourning doves, coots, killdeer, herons, and egrets. Encompassing 6,105 acres of majestic rock cliffs with cool water running through a classic Sonoran Desert, it's the largest riparian forest remaining on the lower Colorado River; over 350 species of birds have been documented.

Havasu National Wildlife Refuge

–Adjacent to the Colorado River, the Havasu National Wildlife Refuge features 37,515 acres of cattail-bulrush back waters,shrubby riparian lowlands, and steep cactus-strewn cliffs and mountains. For those who say the desert is just rocks and rattlesnakes, they haven't had the pleasure of experiencing this beautiful refuge.

Scuba Dive in the Lake

–While Lake Havasu is known for its topside water activities, there is also much to do underwater while scuba diving. Lake Havasu can be visited by divers either from beach access or by boat. Visibility ranges throughout the year from 10-50 feet with water temperatures from the mid 50°'s F to as high as 85° F in the peak of summer.

Events Unique to Lake Havasu City

Check our events section for specific dates.

Boom, Boom Boom: Winterblast Pyrotechnics Convention (February)

If you ooh and ahh over things that go boom, you’ll be amazed at the free nightly firework displays and choreographed pyrotechnic shows scheduled during this trade show that attracts fireworks professionals from throughout the west. If you’re a fan of Katy Perry and her “Firework” song, here’s your chance to go, “boom, boom, boom, even brighter than the moon, moon, moon.” (

Greasers: Lake Havasu Rock-a-billy Reunion (February)

Before there were hippies, there were greasers and the girls who loved them. Rockabilly, one of the earliest styles of rock and roll music, emerged in the early 1950s and is undergoing a revival of sorts. Join other fans for live entertainment, a pre-‘68 vintage car and motorcycle show, pin-up girl contest, swap meet, beer garden and carnival. (

Desert Storm Poker Run & Shootout (April)

Desert Storm Poker Run & Shootout is THE see and be seen event in the boating industry! Named "One of the Top Five Poker Runs in the Nation" by Performance Boats Magazine, Desert Storm consists of a world-class collection of the most prestigious performance boats from across the nation! Racing from the heart of Lake Havasu, top speeds upwards of 160+ MPH are not uncommon here. The air will be buzzing with the racers' helicopter teams flying above the boats right above the water, Desert Storm brings to Lake Havasu the best and biggest performance boats in the U.S. as they roar across the lake. Rides on the boats are given for a charitable donation and spectators can get up close and personal with the boats at the boat show and street party. (

Lucas Oil Drag Boat Races (October)

Lucas Oil Drag Boat Race brings the best race teams across the country to Lake Havasu City to battle it out. Lake Havasu is the perfect venue for professional drag boat racing with near constant water elevation and temperatures. Some of the fastest runs ever have been seen on the lake, especially in the Top Fuel Hydro category where speeds have already surpassed the 260 mile per hour mark in as little as 3.3 seconds on a 1,000-foot race course! (

"Jet Ski" Capitol of the World (October)

For hundreds of thousands of personal watercraft owners (PWC), Lake Havasu City is the “Jet Ski Capitol of the World." This is especially true in early October when the International Jet Sports Boating Association (IJSBA) World Finals come to town for the Super Bowl of the sport. Approximately 400 competitors from 30 states across the U.S. and over 40 nations worldwide converge on Lake Havasu City and the clear waters of the Colorado River, along with thousands of fans and news media from a dozen countries, to participate in this world-renowned event. (

London Bridge: One Man’s Dream Anchors a City

A dream first thought preposterous – Lake Havasu City founder Robert P. McCulloch, Sr.’s plan to relocate the centuries-old London Bridge (circa 1831) to a remote second home and resort community in the Arizona desert – celebrated its 40th anniversary in Lake Havasu City in October 2011. Take a walking tour of the London Bridge to find out how this dream became a reality, see the bullet holes where the bridge was strafed in London during WWII, and learn little known secrets about this jewel in the desert. Learn why it is called the "world's largest antique."