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9th Annual Bluegrass on the Beach Musi... 3/3/17-3/5/17 @ 10am-6:30pm (Fri/Sat); 10am-5pm (Sun)
World Off-Road Championship Series: Mo... 3/10/17-3/12/17 (Motorcycles) & 3/17/17-3/19/17 (ATV/SXS)
World Off-Road Championship Series: AT... 3/10/17-3/12/17 (Motorcycles) & 3/17/17-3/19/17 (ATV/SXS)
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The Lake Havasu Convention & Visitors Bureau (LHCCVB) reserves the right to edit all event submissions and listings. They must be submitted at least two days in advance. The decision to list an event is at the sole discretion of the LHCCVB. The most important factors we consider are as follows:

  • Will visitors plan a trip specifically to attend the event or will the event be of a nature that a visitor would be interested in attending?
  • Is it of interest to a wide audience?
  • Is it open to the public?
  • Does it take place within Lake Havasu City?
  • Does it possess unique cultural significance (art, history, health, sports, civics, etc.)?
  • Is it non-political?
  • Is it temporary in nature and not exceeding 30 continuous days in duration?
  • Does it have a definitive start and end date?
If you answered "no" to any of the questions above, it probably will not be published on our calendar (except maybe in the summertime). For ongoing, smaller events, please see our Local Happenings page. Events of a religious nature are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Events that do not meet our criteria

If there were not so many events, we could publish everything. In fact, we tried for several months and learned never to do it again. Too many events on the calendar make it too cumbersome to review, especially on a mobile device. Here’s what we reject automatically:

  • Events primarily organized for commercial sales and promotional purposes.
  • Educational seminars and support group meetings.
  • Classes spanning several weeks.
  • Social gatherings or meetings for business networking purposes.
  • Bingo and Bunco games. We have a separate section for these local events here.
  • Small rummage sales, block parties, yard/garage sales, or other neighborhood events.
  • Events held in private homes.
If your event does not not meet our criteria, or if you want additional media coverage for it, these local websites accept requests for event listings:

Filling out the event listing form

If your event meets the criteria above, or your event is in the summertime, please fill out our event listing form completely and accurately. A contact phone number, email address, admission price (if applicable), date, time, event description and location must be provided.

Please provide at least one photo. We require a landscape orientation (horizontal) image, 500 pixels wide by 275 pixels high, although we accept high resolution images and can resize them, too. Event URL’s (website addresses) should be provided, when available.

We hear complaints when event listings are not updated. Please immediately inform us of any changes so we can update your event as soon as possible! If you prefer to email your event submissions or photos, please send them to

Writing the event description

When writing your event description, it is best to consider the basic tenets of journalism that provide the process for a news story to be conveyed:

  1. Who? The name of the person or organization sponsoring the event.
  2. What? The event's name, cost (if any), and an explanation of what will happen.
  3. When? The date and time of the event.
  4. Where? The event location.
  5. Why? A reason or reasons why a visitor would want to attend.
  6. How? The schedule of times and activities during the event.
If you need help with submitting an event or photo, please call Bonnie Butterworth at (928) 453-3444 x136, or email her at We want every event to look its best in order to draw the largest possible attendance. Your success is our success, too!

Policy effective July 1, 2014
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After entering the date/time/day of week, click "Add Date" to save them. Repeat these steps for each date/time associated with your event.

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