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Best Dive Sites: SCUBA Diving in Lake Havasu

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While Lake Havasu is known for its topside water activities, there is also much to do underwater while scuba diving. Scuba diving at Lake Havasu is accessible from the beach or by boat. Visibility ranges throughout the year from 10-50 feet, with water temperatures from the mid 50°'s to as high as 85° in the peak of summer. With more than 30 specific dive sites featuring attractions such as shipwrecks, underwater geology, and fish habitats, Lake Havasu is home to some of the best dive sites in Arizona and the Southwest.

Some of the more popular locations and best dive sites include:

  • Training Site #5
  • Victoria Cliffs
  • Miller's Folly
  • Copper Canyon
  • Pilot Rock
  • Steamboat Cove
  • Friendly Island
  • Sand Isle
  • Black Meadow Landing
  • and more...
Here are the five most popular SCUBA diving sites in Lake Havasu, recommended by local divers.

Site 5 Underwater Training/Obstacle Course

This site is on the island in a small cove that is accessible by car. Here you will find a great area to train and practice diving. Underwater you will find two sail boats, a small tri -hull, submarine, truck, and other surprises. The whole site is set up with lines that take you to each area.
Approximate Coordinates: 34.450298, -114.373135

Copper Canyon

Located in a cove on the west side of the lake is this very popular destination. It is only accessible by boat and is usually very busy with lots of boats. But once you find a clear area, the canyon walls provide lots to explore and the cove floor is known to have many lost treasures from the boaters above.
Approximate Coordinates: 34.425936, -114.307831

Victoria Cliffs

This is a special site only accessible by boat off the south east corner of the island. It has sheer walls ranging from 10-40 feet deep. It runs about a half mile long and has ledges, boulders, some swim-throughs and a few small boats as well. Visibility here is usually very good.
Approximate Coordinates: 34.452898, -114.349712

Paddle Wheel Wreck (Miller's Folly)

This site is in Skier’s Cove and is also known as Miller's Folly. This wreck is the remains of one of the early Lake Havasu Party Boats — it’s in 25 feet of water next to one of the larger fish habitats.
Approximate Coordinates: 34.444183, -114.366249

Friendly Isle

This small cove is located on the east side of the lake and while similar to Copper Canyon in many respects, it doesn't have nearly as much boat traffic. Lots of fish habitat here along the red rock walls of the cove.
Approximate Coordinates: 34.420017, -114.289769

Top 5 dive sites on Lake Havasu

Special Events Include:

Special Events Contact

Capt. Kathy Weydig

Scuba Training & Technology
2150 Kiowa Blvd. N.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Services: Full service dive center with equipment, air, nitrox, rentals, training and dive guide services.

Capt. John's Dive Charters

R/V Explorer
Services: Custom dive charters in Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu Divers Association

Local dive club meets monthly, weekly group dive.

Scuba Training and Technology Inc.

Joel Silverstein, Vice President, COO
Tech Diving Limited
Havasu Hydrotest
2150 Kiowa Blvd. N.
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403
Voice: 928-855-9400
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