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Arizona Rock Climbing

Arizona rock climbing - Lake Havasu City, AZ
Arizona rock climbing adventures in Lake Havasu City - Crab Claw Rock. Photo credit B. Cramer
Another great way to explore our beautiful desert is through rock climbing. The terrain and rocks found in the desert here are different from that found in more typical Arizona rock climbing sites. The rock is porous and known to move quite a bit. For this reason, it is recommended that only expert climbers take on these climbs and even then, use extreme caution and care.

Crab Claw Rock

The best known climb in the area is Crab Claw Rock which is located on the east side of Highway 95 just six miles north of the Lake Havasu City Airport. The climb can be easily seen from the road and looks just like a crab's claw, hence the name Crab Claw Rock. Exact coordinates for the location are 34.61733, -114.337453.

There is no parking lot, so most climbers either park on the shoulder of Highway 95 and hike the half mile or so to the climb, or take an off-road vehicle on the dirt roads to get closer.

There are seven climbs here with a chimney and chains around the top, perfect for rappelling down with. These seven climbs require all different types of techniques, such as face climbing, crack climbing, and lie-back climbing. The northside of the rock is also known as Gargoyle's Gash. The gash in the middle is great for climbing and at the top is a big boulder sticking out like a perched gargoyle.

For inquiries about Lake Havasu City and Arizona rock climbing opportunities, contact Lake Havasu City Leaping Lizard President, Tim O'Connor at 928-208-3675.