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Arizona Getaway Trips In Arizona's Majestic Western Region

arizona day trips Quick Getaway trips in Arizona - Elk cooling off in the Hualapai Mountains

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Bill Williams Wildlife Refuge | Blythe Intaglios | Diamond Creek Road | Havasu Falls | Hualapai Mountains | Keepers of the Wild | Grand Canyon Caverns | Oatman | Route 66 Museum Kingman | Stops Along Route 66 | Topock Maze (Mystic Maze)

Lake Havasu City’s location makes it an ideal home base for western Arizona day trips. All of the trips below are less than 2½ hours away. Spend the day exploring, then return to Lake Havasu City in time for a relaxing lakeside dinner at one of many fabulous Lake Havasu restaurants. If you’re having trouble coming up ideas for Arizona day trips, we have more than a few suggestions.

Several of these Arizona day trips allow you to explore small segments of Route 66, the “Mother Road,” which was the main westward route for hundreds of thousands of migrants fleeing the Midwest during the Great Depression of the 1930s. Others feature quirky slices of Americana, such as the tame burros that roam the streets of an old west town. These excursions all highlight the unique character, heritage, and wildlife of the region. Check out the listings below for some great day trips in Arizona.
Bill Williams Wildlife Refuge

Bill Williams Wildlife Refuge

Bill Williams Wildlife Refuge is home to over 6,000 acres of habitat, 355 species of birds, 34 documented reptiles, 40 species of butterflies, 57 species of mammals and 7 amphibians. This Refuge sustains one of the highest diversity of wildlife and plant species within the lower Colorado River watershed and has been recognized by the National Audubon Society and The American Bird Conservancy as a birding area of global importance.
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Blythe Intaglios - arizona day trips

Blythe Intaglios

Take a day trip just over 70 miles south of Lake Havasu City to one of the over 300 intaglios in the American Southwest and regions of Mexico. The Blythe Intaglios, one of the best known geoglyphs, are a group of giant figures found near Blythe, California, in the desert area. The largest geoglyph is 171 feet in height. A day trip to the Blythe Intaglios is a great way to add a historic adventure to your trip.
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Diamond Creek Road to the Colorado River

Diamond Creek Road to the Colorado River

Located off Route 66 in Peach Springs, Diamond Creek Road is an adventurous “road less traveled” to the Colorado River. You will actually be driving down into the Grand Canyon to the Colorado River. Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy nature at its grandest!
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Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls

A beautiful tropical paradise awaits you – IF you're up to the challenge of getting there! Mistakenly thought to be a part of Lake Havasu, Havasu Falls is a part of the Grand Canyon and about 176 miles from the London Bridge. Havasu Falls is a major destination for hikers and those looking for a challenging, yet rewarding outdoor vacation.
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Hualapai Mountains in Kingman, AZ

Hualapai Mountains

Less than an hour away, the Hualapai Mountains are a great escape from the desert climate to the mountains. With elevations of 6300 ft to 8240 ft, your senses will be awakened with the smell of pine trees and mountain air. Plan on making snow angels in the winter as the elevation is no stranger to snow. The Hualapai Mountains are only 12 miles south-east of Kingman, AZ, making it a perfect day trip in Arizona for those who don't want to drive too far from Lake Havasu City.
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Tiger Keepers of the Wild

Keepers of the Wild

Keepers of the Wild, an internationally recognized organization, is dedicated to the dignified rescue of exotic animals. Take a day trip to The Nature Park with 175 acres, home to spacious natural animal habitats including beautiful rock formations, vegetation, natural springs and more. This non-profit organization is home to 150 animals, including monkeys, tigers, livestock, reptiles, a variety of birds; and a rare Siberian Tiger.
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Grand Canyon Caverns

Grand Canyon Caverns

A must-see item on any list of Arizona day trips, this natural wonder was created over a period of 35 million years. Grand Canyon Caverns is a natural limestone cavern and the largest dry cavern in the U.S. The air in the caverns is a consistent 56° year-round due to the low humidity and is drawn in from the Grand Canyon through 60 miles of limestone caves and crevasses.
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Oatman Burro


The town of Oatman is a unique reminder of the Old West and one of countless gold mining towns that sprung up in the late 1800s. This is one of the only day trips in Arizona where you can stroll along the wooden sidewalks and witness reenactments of a Wild West shootout by gunslingers dressed in period costume and walk among wild burros.
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Route 66 museum

Route 66 Museum - Kingman

The Route 66 Museum is truly unique in that it is a museum of history, housed in the historical Powerhouse building, located in the “heart” of the longest remaining stretch of the 2400 miles that was Route 66. The Route 66 Museum depicts the historical evolution of travel along the 35th parallel that became Route 66. The brilliant murals, photos and life-size dioramas capture each of the groups that have traveled the route that has come to be known as the Mother Road.
More on the Route 66 Museum in Kingman
Route 66

Stops Along Route 66

Lake Havasu City is just a hop, skip, and a jump to the historic Route 66, and with America's Highway comes many interesting stops along the Mother Road. We've highlighted several great stops along the route if you wish to visit some truly nostalgic places.
Stops Along Route 66
Topock Maze

Topock Maze (Mystic Maze)

Just north of Lake Havasu City to Interstate 40 & Hwy. 95 and west just four miles lies a very special remnant of American Indian heritage in the form of the Topock Maze (aka Mystic Maze). This 600+ year old geoglyph consists of very intricate patterns and paths and is believed to be a spiritual portal to the next life. The Topock Maze is less than 45 minutes from Lake Havasu City and is within a few miles of both the Pirate Cove Resort and Topock 66 Resort.
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Hopefully by now you have some pretty good ideas for day trips in Arizona, but don’t forget about the wonderful Arizona adventure tours available right here in Lake Havasu City and come let loose in Arizona’s playground.