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Fun Things To Do In Arizona

fun things to do in Arizona
Shopping by the London Bridge is one of the many fun things to do in Arizona's Playground
Fun things to do in Arizona are as vast as Arizona's many open spaces and sunny skies. Many of the leisure activities in Lake Havasu City focus on the lake and desert recreational areas surrounding it. From day trips to vortex sites, there are so many more fun things to do in Arizona's Playground and a short distance nearby.

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Arizona Getaway Trips | Archery | Birding | Bowling | Disc Golf | Fitness Centers | Geocaching | Havasu 95 Speedway | Hunting | Library | Lighthouses | London Bridge | Museum | RC Boats, Planes & Cars | Rock Climbing | Rockhounding | Shooting Ranges | Skateboarding & Scooters | Stargazing | Tennis & Pickleball | Tinnell Memorial Sports Park | Volleyball | Vortex Energy Sites

vortex energy sitesArizona Getaway Trips

There are many exciting attractions less than 2-½ hours away from Lake Havasu City, ideal for day trips. Visit the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge, Diamond Creek Road, Havasu Falls, Hoover Dam, Las Vegas, Oatman, or historic Route 66 during the day and be back in time for a sunset cruise on the lake.
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Do you love to shoot a bow & arrow or crossbow? Well, you're in luck here in Lake Havasu City. The Lake Havasu City Sportsmans' Club, Inc. has an archery range at its facility in SARA Park. Featuring nearly twenty different targets, the extensive range is free to the public.
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The area in and around Lake Havasu City is rich in bird watching opportunities, with over 350 species identified in the local area. View birds by foot, hiking on trails or by water, kayaking the lake and river.
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Too hot to be outside? Too chilly in the wintertime? Hit the bowling alley for a perfect way to spend time with friends and family. With 32 lanes, a full-service sports bar and grill, and lots of entertainment for all ages, Havasu Lanes has something for everyone.
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Disc Golf at Lake Havasu CityDisc Golf

Combine a Frisbee-type flying disc, shorter holes, and a bunch of friends and you've got a great Disc Golf game.
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Several fitness centers are available in Lake HavasuFitness Centers

Lake Havasu City is full of very active and athletic people. To help stay in shape and ready for all the Arizona activities action you can handle, many different fitness centers are available all throughout town. Even if you're not interested in signing up for a year-long membership, day passes are available at every gym and some gyms have weekly or monthly passes.
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Geocaching in Lake HavasuGeocaching

Geocaching is a great way to explore the outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Lake Havasu scenery. It's an increasingly popular, healthy and enjoyable pastime for individuals of all ages. Hunt for hidden items outdoors, in the mountains, alongside the lake, or within the city using GPS coordinates.
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Havasu 95 SpeedwayHavasu 95 Speedway

Have the need for speed? We've got you covered at the Havasu 95 Speedway located in SARA Park. This ASA-sanctioned paved oval track uses stock cars in classes including late model, modified, truck, street stock, legend, bandolero, and factory stock.
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Hunting in Mohave CountyHunting

Mohave County has some of the best hunting in the nation, with bighorn sheep, elk, javelina, mountain lions, mule deer, doves, and quail.
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Mohave County LibraryLibrary

The Mohave County Library has informative free seminars, lectures and workshops, contests, free wi-fi Internet, Book Club, exercise classes, information about fun things to do in Arizona, and more.
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Lighthouses on Lake HavasuLighthouses

Lake Havasu City is home to more lighthouses than any other city in the entire country. These 1/3 scale replicas are actual functioning navigational aids built to the specifications of famous East Coast, West Coast and Great Lakes lighthouses. More than eighteen can be seen on the shores of the lake. Most can be hiked to while some are only accessible by boat.
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London Bridge with calm waterLondon Bridge

Learn more about the historic London Bridge and how it came to be Lake Havasu City’s claim to fame. Located in the center of the Bridgewater Channel, the world's largest antique is ready to be explored over and under.
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The Lake Havasu Museum shows the history of Lake HavasuMuseum

The Lake Havasu Museum of History showcases the city’s unique history and culture. The permanent exhibits include history of the Native American Chemehuevi and Mohave tribes that previously inhabited the area, the role of the lower Colorado River and the steamboat era in bringing traders, miners and entrepreneurs to the area, and of course, lots of history about the London Bridge.
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radio controlled vehiclesRadio-Controlled (RC) Boats & Planes

Lake Havasu City's perfect weather conditions make this area ideal for all kinds of remote control vehicles. Whether it be by water or air, we've got you covered!
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rock climbingRock Climbing

The best known climb in the area is Crab Claw Rock which is located on the east side of Highway 95 just six miles north of the Lake Havasu City Airport. The climb can be easily seen from the road and looks just like a crab's claw, hence the name Crab Claw Rock.
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Rockhounding in Lake HavasuRockhounding

The desert and banks along mighty Colorado River contain a wealth of beautiful stones, rocks, gems, minerals, and fossils just waiting to be found. Agate, Jasper, Chalcedony, Quartz, Geodes, Druzy, Petrified Wood, Gneiss, Copper, Chrysocolla, Amethyst, and Gold are just some of the material the area has to offer.
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Lake Havasu City offers several shooting rangesShooting Ranges

Whether you're a novice or expert, or prefer an indoor or outdoor range, Lake Havasu City offers several ranges that will allow you to perfect your skills. Rental equipment is also available for those who are just getting into the sport.
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skateboarding and scooters - Tinnell Memorial Sports ParkSkateboarding & Scooters

Lake Havasu City is home to the largest skate park in Arizona and the largest multi-use skate park in the Southwest. This 40,000 square foot lake-front park is a Street-League skateboarding-certified facility and is open to BMX and scooters.
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Stargazing in dark desert skiesStargazing

Be amazed at the wonders of the desert night skies. Whether you're walking the Island, camping in the desert, or just stepping out your front door, our desert night sky is a stargazers’ best friend.
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Tennis and Racquetball in Lake Havasu CityTennis & Pickleball

Whether you are a seasoned vet or beginner, Lake Havasu City has courts for every type of tennis and Pickleball fan.
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Tinnell Memorial Sports ParkTinnell Memorial Sports Park

This is the largest skate park in the state of Arizona. As the largest multi-use skate park in the Southwest, it offers a unique brand of outdoor Arizona activities. Whether you come to test your skills or just view the action, this park will impress. Its balanced mix of challenging obstacles make sure there is something for all levels of experience.
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Volleyball is one of the many things to do at Lake HavasuVolleyball

A great way to be active outdoors is with a game of volleyball where you can bring a beach community vibe to the middle of the desert all year long. Break a sweat diving for the ball in the sand and jump in any number of nearby designated swimming areas afterwards to cool off.
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Lake Havasu City is home to 9 vortex sitesVortex Energy Sites

Sedona isn't the only city with Vortex energy sites. Lake Havasu City is home to nine public Vortex locations. What is a vortex? Are you affected by vortex energy? Learn more by clicking on "more information" below.
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