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Crossman Peak Trail



The Crossman Peak Trail offers the highest point of elevation in the Lake Havasu area, 5103 ft. above sea level. Take in views over the Colorado River valley, the Hualapai Mountains to the east and Aquarius Mountains to the north.

Trailhead Location: 5 miles from the end of Bison Blvd in a 4-wheel drive, high clearance vehicle on a rocky dirt road in a wash

Vehicle required: 4-wheel

Time to Trailhead
From London Bridge:
60 minutes

Trailhead GPS coordinates:
N 34°33.123’ W 114°12.644’

Trail Information

Aesthetic rating*: ***½

Level of difficulty: Strenuous, long steep slopes, about a 2000 ft. elevation change

Length of hike: 6 miles

Hiking time: 5 hours

History: The Sunrise Mine is the major mining complex you will encounter on the trail. It was one of the first gold mining operations to work lode deposits in the Mohave Mountains. The first shaft was driven in 1894. It remained in active production until the late 1950s. (This mine is extremely hazardous. Do NOT venture inside.)

Download Trail Map

Destination GPS coordinates:
N 34°32.934’ W 114°11.315’

Directions to trailhead:

Option One
• The best route is to drive your off-road vehicle to the north end of Paso de Oro Dr (off Bison Blvd).
• Drive 1.2 miles on pink rock road until it forks.
• Keep right into Falls Springs Wash. If you go to the left, you will go to Sparks Mine and have to turn around.

Option Two
• Drive out Bison Blvd past the end of the pavement. Go 1.3 miles around a hill until you arrive in a large clearing near the concrete base of an old water tank (elev 1985 ft).
• Turn left and go down the hill into Falls Springs Wash. Make a right just past a very small hill.

• No matter which option you choose, continue in Falls Springs Wash past two minor right turns to a point just before the road seems to run into a small mountain (2.8 miles).
• Turn left! Arrow points right, toward Bison Falls. Ignore it. Go left.
• Continue in the wash for the next two miles, keeping right at one minor junction, until the wash ends at the base of a very steep cut-in hillside road (elev 3275 ft).
• Park your vehicle. Do not drive up the road as it is gated. Do not block the road.

Trail route instructions:

  • Start walking up the dirt road. Go around the gate and hike 2 hours up to the radio towers (elev 4675 ft).
  • Look for numerous abandoned mines along the way. It is NOT a good idea to enter them!
  • When you arrive at the radio tower facility, turn right and carefully go up the trail on the rocks behind the ridge (another ½ hour) until you can go no higher (elev 5103 ft). The summit is marked by a metal pole and a geodetic survey marker.
  • Enjoy the highest point of elevation surrounding Lake Havasu City. The lake is at 450 ft elevation!

* Aesthetic Rating: The more stars, the more desirable the trail the in terms of remoteness, natural features and scenic beauty

Arizona hiking safety

The rugged beauty of the Lake Havasu City area, just down the Colorado River from the Grand Canyon, makes a lasting impression. But the desert can be hazardous. Many trails are unmarked and infrequently traveled. Please consider these suggestions to make the most of your adventure:

  • Avoid hiking during the summer, approximately June 15 to September 15, when daytime temperatures can reach 120° or more.
  • Do not hike in washes when heavy rainfall is anticipated to avoid the threat of flash floods.
  • Always take plenty of water; plan to carry at least one quart of water for every four hours you hike in direct sunlight.
  • Wear a hat, sunglasses with UV-protection, and sunscreen.
  • Print off a copy of the trail map from this webpage and carry it with you if the route is unfamiliar.
  • Wear sturdy, thick-soled shoes and use a hiking stick if you easily lose your balance.
  • Never hike alone and always let a responsible person know where you’re going and when you expect to return.
  • Plan to leave on your hike early in the day to avoid the risk of being lost on the trail after dark.
  • Travel light; the less you carry the more you will enjoy the hike.
  • Leave nothing behind. We want our trails to remain beautiful for your return!