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Day Hike Checklist

Day Hike Checklist
Hiking to Pilot Rock on Lake Havasu
Whether you’re a hiking veteran or a casual day-tripper, our recommended day hike checklist will prepare you for most of our trails. By following it, you can focus more on enjoying the actual hike rather than worrying about whether you've come prepared. What are you waiting for? Get out there and go hike Lake Havasu City, Arizona! Download our day hike checklist in PDF format here.

Day Hike Checklist: Recommended to wear and bring

Recommended to Wear*

  • Bandana (optional)
  • Comfortable hiking boots or sturdy shoes/sneakers
  • Gloves (advised if hiking steep terrain)
  • Hat
  • Sunglasses (strap is advised), polarized w/ UV protection
  • Sweatshirt or jacket (for winter hikes or hikes to higher elevations)
  • Watch (advised for keeping track of daylight hours)
*Dress in layers, as temperatures are variable.

Recommended to Bring

  • Binoculars
  • Camera
  • Cell phone (advised, although service may not be available in some areas). TURN ON GPS! The GPS on your cell phone may help authorities locate you in case of an emergency!
  • Compass
  • Day pack (padded shoulder straps advised)
  • First aid kit (Ace bandage, bandages, pain killers, mole skin, surgical adhesive)
  • Flashlight or headlight (advised, especially if hiking in late afternoon)
  • GPS unit (optional)
  • Map
  • Salty snacks, trail mix, power bars and/or sandwiches (for longer hikes)
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Toilet paper, tissue or paper towels (please carry out)
  • Walking stick (optional)
  • Water/sports drink, ½-1 quart per person each for four hours of hiking
  • Whistle or noise-making device
ALWAYS HAVE A TRIP ITINERARY: Tell someone where you're going and when you plan on returning, and leave a copy of your itinerary in your vehicle for authorities to find just in case of emergencies! Stay safe while hiking in the desert terrain. Remember: HIKE SAFE!

Have a plan.
Inform someone of where you're going and when you plan to return.
Keep a flashlight and whistle with you.
Eat well, stay hydrated, carry plenty of water.

Stay on the trail.
Ask for help.
Familiarize yourself with the area and use a map.
Expect changes in the weather.