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Lake Havasu: The Freshest Bass Fishing in Arizona

Arizona bass fishing in Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu may be one of Arizona’s best-kept secrets. Although Lake Havasu is teeming with many species of fish, its natural fresh waters, structural contours, and warm climate make it one of the best bass fishing spots in Arizona by far. With Lake Havasu, you get the best of both worlds: Plentiful bass-friendly spots, a variety of afternoon activities, sights to see, and evening restaurants that promise more than just bass fishing — something more like an Arizona bass fishing vacation.

The Quick Facts of Lake Havasu

  1. Lake Havasu is one of the freshest lakes in Arizona. Lake Havasu feeds in and out straight to the Colorado River, which is supplied by the natural runoff from precipitation and melting snow from the Colorado Mountains. It’s as fresh as it gets.
  2. Lake Havasu is warm basically all year round, period. The neighboring deserts of Arizona make this freshwater lake one of the most ideal locations for bass fishing. Lake Havasu ranges from 75-108 degrees nine out of twelve months in the year, easily accommodating your bass fishing needs around your time schedule.
  3. Lake Havasu has the best fishing spots in Arizona. Lake Havasu has so many pockets within its rock layers, leaving incredibly cozy and private beaches perfect for catching the bass hanging out near the shores. Near the famous London Bridge, or a serene patch of tall water grass as the sunsets, visitors can easily play in the water for hours on end and finish up the evening with nearby fine-dining restaurants and recreation.
  4. Lake Havasu has consistent water levels. Are your favorite bass fishing lakes drying up? Look no further. Lake Havasu serves as the final reservoir spot guaranteeing water for southern California and Arizona communities. Since droughts began in 2000, Lake Havasu has consistently maintained plentiful levels of water.
Bass fishing is an enduring tradition, and for good reason. It’s exciting, challenging, but most of all, rewarding. With good bait and tackle, the right location, and an eagerness to share quality time with a loved one, bass fishing can be accessible and fun for anyone. And while no method or science can beat a richly refined angler’s intuition, having a basic understanding of the craft can prepare you for the “big one.”

The Quick Facts of Bass Fishing

  1. Bass are commonly associated as freshwater fishes. While this is not a hard and fast rule, as bass can be found living in both fresh and salt waters, it is typically understood that bass enjoy environments around a pH level of around 7 (pure water).
  2. Bass thrive in warmer temperatures. Bass feed like crazy in order to prepare for the colder months, where they begin to slow down.
  3. Bass enjoy the shade. Bass are caught up in competing desires. They love the warmth, but don’t have eyelids. Therefore, they like to stay up in shallower warm spots, but near structures like bridges or trees that offer their shade.