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Kids racing at the BMX track at SARA Park
Kids racing at the BMX track at SARA Park
Location: SARA Park
Address: 7260 S. SARA Parkway
Phone: 928-208-0668
Contact: Santone Decol, track operator (
Facebook: Click here
Regular Track Price: $10 per race, $5 per practice (ABA membership required $60/year)
Strider Rider Track Price: $5 per race (membership required $30/year)
Race Times: Tues and Thurs, 7-8pm (summer); 6-7pm (winter)
Distance from the London Bridge: 6.5 miles, 11 minutes

Feel the excitement of BMX racing as riders whip around the dirt track. See them fly through the air as they conquer jumps along the way. This non-motorized sport connects with all ages and has an open enrollment encouraging riders, young and old, to join in on the fun or just watch from the stands.

BMX track riders at SARA ParkBMX is a sport dominated by younger riders who want to ride their bicycles aggressively in the manner of motocross, doing jumps and tricks on a dirt track. Today, it is a massive sport of over 70,000 members promoting exciting races and competitions. BMX is one of the fastest growing bicycle sports in the world, and in 2008 it became an Olympic sport! This sport supports the involvement of the entire family whether it's from the pit crew or cheering in the stands.

The track is operated by SARA Park BMX and requires ABA Memberships to use the track. There are two separate tracks, a larger, more competitive track for the older kids and a smaller, less daunting track for the younger riders. Riders may sign up for a free one-day pass to see how they like BMX riding.

Strider Riders

BMX track riders at SARA ParkThe Strider Rider Balance Bike Track was was built in honor of Patrick Tinnell and was completed in April 2015. The track is geared towards the younger kids, ages one through five, allowing them to compete on a less competitive track. Strider Riders have their own gate, cost to ride is $5 and membership is only $30 per year.

There are 2 basic types of bicycles used in BMX:

    BOYS/GIRLS, bicycles with 20 inch or smaller wheels
    CRUISER, bicycles with 24 inch or larger wheels

BMX racing does not require a lot of expensive equipment. Most racers start with their 20" street bike by removing the front brake, chain guard, kickstand and reflectors and putting some inexpensive padding on the 'top tube' of the bicycle frame, handle bar and stem.

Don't forget your helmet! It's a requirement to race and ride.