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Lake Havasu Houseboat Rentals

lake havasu houseboat rentalsLake Havasu offers many ways to enjoy the benefits of houseboat rentals
Lake Havasu is one of the premier vacation destinations in Arizona, and the main attraction is...the lake! With 60 miles of navigable waters and plenty of hidden coves to explore, many visitors find that they never want to set foot on dry land. Fortunately, this is easy to accomplish. With a Lake Havasu houseboat rental, you can spend your entire vacation comfortably ensconced on the water if you choose!

Lake Havasu houseboat rentals - the best of all possible worlds

Renting a houseboat gives you the best of all possible worlds: comfortable accommodations and the opportunity to take it with you as you explore the miles of shoreline and canyons. Imagine cruising across the calm waters of the lake while enjoying all the amenities of a hotel: furnished bedrooms, full kitchens, and even a TV and sound system! Most houseboat rentals accommodate 10 to 12 people, so you can vacation with your whole family or a group of close friends. Enjoy the sundeck or relax indoors, then take a dip in the lake. Some houseboats even boast waterslides for endless amounts of fun!

Lake Havasu houseboat rentals - a boating paradise

Lake Havasu is a boating paradise, with conditions that remain ideal year-round. Because of Arizona’s warm, sunny climate, you’ll almost never have to worry about bad weather ruining your boating agenda. In addition, the six separate fueling docks around the lake ensure that you’ll never need to worry about running out of gas. With every practicality taken into consideration, Lake Havasu is one of the best places to rent houseboats in Arizona!

In addition to all the activities you can enjoy from aboard your houseboat, Lake Havasu houseboat rentals have all the amenities you could ask for on shore. With its clean, clear water, the lake is perfect for a quick dip from your boat deck. Safe, sandy lake beaches are plentiful and are a perfect way to get the best beach and boating experience. Beautiful natural areas are ripe for exploration, and many boat-in campsites feature barbecue grills and picnic tables for cookouts. Well-maintained public restrooms are available for your comfort at most docking areas as well. And if you decide you want a taste of more urban amenities, Lake Havasu City is nearby!

With so many advantages to houseboating, it’s no wonder that there are numerous options for Lake Havasu houseboat rentals. Lake Havasu’s small boating businesses can provide you with numerous options for different budgets and vacation styles. With the ability to stay with your family and friends aboard your own floating hotel, why would you want to vacation any other way?

For more information about Lake Havasu houseboat rentals, visit our boat rentals page.