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Boat-In Camping

boat in camping lake havasu
Boat-in campsite at Friendly Island on Lake Havasu, Arizona
One of the most fun things to do in Lake Havasu City is boating - and camping! Take in the sights of Lake Havasu while picnicking or camping at one of many beautiful shoreline boat-in campsites. What’s the advantage of camping on a beach that’s only accessible by boat? Privacy, convenience, and adventure!

Boat-in camping is a great way to spend an adventurous weekend. Imagine camping on your own private beach for a night or two. Boat-in camping is inexpensive and provides the opportunity for a unique and unforgettable experience in the beauty of nature. No reservations are needed and there is usually at least one site available, encouraging those spur-of-the-moment getaways whether you are in the mood to kick back and relax, hang out with some old friends, or enjoy a romantic evening under the stars.

Just because you're camping, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy the finer things. In the blink of an eye, you can jump on your boat and head over one of several restaurants that provide free courtesy docks. Sit down for some fine cuisine and then head back over to your private beach campsite for the night.

Many of the sites have hiking trails that access breathtaking views during the day and the beachfront areas are perfect spots to gaze up at the cloudless, star-filled night sky. Leashed pets are welcome, so all members of the family can get in on the fun!

Bring your houseboat, pontoon boat, speed boat, or fishing boat and camp your way. Set up a tent or sleep in the comfort of your own houseboat or cabin cruiser. While maintaining the spirit of “roughin’ it" style camping, convenient amenities are also offered on the majority of the campsites. Restroom facilities, picnic tables, shade cabanas, and built-in charcoal barbecues are installed at most locations.

Boat-in camping on Lake Havasu

BLM Campsites (jump to AZ State Park Campsites)

The Bureau of Land Management manages 87 shoreline campsites along the Arizona side from Lake Havasu City south to the Parker Dam. Site fees are $10 for day use and an additional $10 for overnight use, up to 6 people, with $2 per additional person. Overnight fee paid is good until 9am the following day. Most sites have a picnic table, shade cover, barbeque grill, pit toilet, and trash can. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Contact the BLM office for specific site information.

Bureau of Land Management
1785 Kiowa Ave.

Campground GPS Coordinates
BLM Boat-In Camping Sites
Balancing Rock Cove 34.42691874,-114.29162820
Bass Bay 1 34.31170471,-114.13991021
Bass Bay 2 34.31147947,-114.14014746
Bass Isle 34.32149636,-114.14484807
Bighorn Point 1 34.31412191,-114.14114534
Bighorn Point 3 34.31347182,-114.14155027
Bill Williams 1 34.30821708,-114.13488222
Bill Williams 2 34.30864751,-114.13455305
Bill Williams 3 34.30902865,-114.13408229
Bill Williams 4 34.30957411,-114.12900570
Bill Williams 5 34.30997512,-114.12837455
BLM Camp 1 34.36659186,-114.20936864
BLM Camp 2 34.36727662,-114.20888136
Bluebird 1 34.44075604,-114.31518515
Buzzard Cove 34.39300580,-114.25140593
Cove of Little Foxes 34.33370170,-114.15905990
Coyote Cove 1 34.36534091,-114.21195876
Coyote Cove 2 34.36714336,-114.21226659
Disneyland 1 34.33235968,-114.15655670
Disneyland 2 34.33238112,-114.15625372
Disneyland 3 34.33230320,-114.15578305
Eagle Cove 34.39313635,-114.24923715
Eagle Point 34.39247532,-114.24811487
Echo Cove 1 34.36658444,-114.21798456
Echo Cove 2 34.36637476,-114.21762485
Echo Cove 4 34.36638302,-114.21480968
Ewe Camp 34.38515968,-114.23804028
Friendly Island 1 34.42179044,-114.29125388
Friendly Island 2 34.42154279,-114.29075825
Friendly Island 3 34.42132700,-114.29105944
Friendly Island 4 34.42081053,-114.29254188
Gnat Keys 1 34.32843716,-114.14633746
Gnat Keys 4 34.32309709,-114.14526146
Goose Bay 1 34.42010461,-114.29029507
Goose Bay 2 34.41969586,-114.29023712
High Isle 2 34.31724510,-114.14270501
High Isle 4 34.31688118,-114.14339567
High Isle 5 34.31681823,-114.14370581
High Isle 6 34.31679108,-114.14408553
High Isle 7 34.31651280,-114.14460431
High Isle 9 34.31531999,-114.14469626
High Isle 10 34.31527000,-114.14441813
High Isle 11 34.31460155,-114.14369262
High Isle 14 34.31590940,-114.14098341
High Isle 15 34.31562731,-114.14075639
Hum Hum Sound 1 34.33362617,-114.15961176
Hum Hum Sound 2 34.33316491,-114.15944254
Larned Landling 1 34.31083721,-114.14048393
Larned Landling 3 34.30909393,-114.13824183
Larned Landling 4 34.30843586,-114.13700791
Linda's Camp 34.38442603,-114.23544918
Mallard Cove 1 34.43761587,-114.30922718
Mallard Cove 2 34.43702353,-114.31151050
Mallard Cove 3 34.43658477,-114.31165749
Mallard Cove 4 34.43599755,-114.31110632
Mallard Cove 5 34.43574660,-114.31103766
Mallard Cove 6 34.43569749,-114.31082946
Pilot Rock 1 34.41241221,-114.2886582
Pilot Rock 2 34.41197195,-114.28948261
Pilot Rock 3 34.41140071,-114.28929759
Rachel's Camp 34.38450906,-114.23719721
Roadrunner 1 34.43164787,-114.30476073
Roadrunner 2 34.43145295,-114.30451411
Rocky Landing 2 34.33664697,-114.16361284
Rocky Landing 3 34.33624586,-114.16332363
Rocky Landing 4 34.33582864,-114.16312957
Sandy Island 1 34.38077095,-114.23398232
Sandy Island 2 34.38211041,-114.23343086
Sandy Island 3 34.37963572,-114.23334663
Satellite Cove 1 34.33544800,-114.15998409
Satellite Cove 2 34.33506734,-114.15937866
Satellite Cove 3 34.33407362,-114.16028643
Solitude Cove 34.42987949,-114.29845192
Standard Wash 3 34.37273885,-114.22448527
Standard Wash 4 34.37191019,-114.22512047
Standard Wash 5 34.37177355,-114.22524191
Steamboat Cove 1 34.39585068,-114.25125980
Steamboat Cove 2 34.39599063,-114.25174859
Steamboat Cove 3 34.39585204,-114.25218950
Teal Point 1 34.43544481,-114.31035698
Teal Point 2 34.43505058,-114.31041511
Whyte's Retreat 1 34.34101185,-114.16491606
Whyte's Retreat 2 34.34084489,-114.16492442
Widgeon Key 34.43309066,-114.30778452
Wren Cove 1 34.43779806,-114.31325012
Wren Cove 2 34.43796995,-114.31326475

Arizona State Park Campsites

Arizona State Park has 28 primitive boat-in campsites along Lake Havasu. State campsites have a $15 day use fee Mon-Thurs, $20 Fri-Sun and State holidays. All day-use must end at dusk. Boat-in camping fees are $20 per vessel, 7 days a week (for a full fee schedule, click here). Most sites have picnic table, shade cover, pit toilet, and trash can. State Parks request that you pack out all trash. No firepits or campfires year-round, however, propane stoves are acceptable. Availability is on a first-come, first-served basis. Each campsite is equipped with an "iron ranger" in which you fill out a simple form and leave cash or a check for your stay. A single stay may last up to 14 days at which point, campers must end their stay or move to another site at least 25 miles away. Each site is equipped with trash cans and recycling bins which are maintained by the BLM. Contact Arizona State Parks for specific site information.

Arizona State Parks
Cattail Cove State Park
Lake Shore Bl. & AZ Highway 95