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College Spring Break Destinations: Experience Lake Havasu City

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Spring Break in Lake Havasu City
Winter is a tough season for students. Freezing temperatures, wicked exams and the seemingly endless stretch to summer make for a treacherous couple of months.

Fortunately, there’s a light at the end of the cold, dark tunnel of winter. That light is none other than Spring Break–the sunny, carefree respite where for one blissful week you can escape the stresses of school and do whatever it is that you want to do. Of course, this raises the all-important question: What do you want to do?

May we be so bold as to suggest a Lake Havasu spring break adventure?

There aren't any other college spring break destinations quite like Lake Havasu City

college spring break - SWAT Spring Break 2011
SWAT Spring Break 2011
While college may have taught you that no man is an island (was that Donne, Milton or Thoreau?), Lake Havasu City is where you’ll learn that any guy or girl can party on one–we’re talking sandbar shindigs and lakeside beach blowouts on one of the best boating lakes in the Southwest.

Every year, thousands of college students plan their stays at spring break destinations across the U.S. and Canada. Those that descend upon Lake Havasu City are immersed in a spirited celebration of spring and sunshine. For a few weeks each year, this lively college spring break destination transforms into a 24/7 party scene with a swagger in its step.

Staying safe in Lake Havasu

SWAT Spring Break 2011 - lake havasu spring break
SWAT Spring Break 2011
Lake Havasu City is known as “Arizona’s Playground,” and we definitely live up to the reputation. This is a place for cutting loose, exploring and having fun–within reason. We invite you to live it up here and savor an experience unparalleled with other college spring break destinations, and all we ask in return is that you obey the laws we have in place for your safety

Lake Havasu City is known for being fun and safe. Past visitors have commented on how friendly this city is, and in fact many of the people who move to Lake Havasu City with their families enjoyed a spring break or two here back in the day. We’ve even had students who enjoyed the town so much that they pooled their money to buy a vacation home here!

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Whether spring break is just around the corner or it’s just gone by, it’s never too late to start thinking about your next Lake Havasu spring break adventure. Check out the Lake Havasu City Spring Break Facebook page for guides to the hottest action in town, from Lake Havasu events and parties to dining and lodging. Want to get a preview of the party? Check out spring break photos and videos from Lake Havasu City’s hotspots. Plus, most Lake Havasu hotels and motels offer great spring break packages for college students on a budget.

Spring break is unlike any other vacation time. Winter break is cold and relatives are always dropping in. Summer break is fraught with low-paying summer jobs and internships but Spring Break will always be about warmth, fun and freedom–just like Lake Havasu City. We welcome everyone here, so start planning your trip now! Find affordable spring break packages for college students, read up on all the fun things to do in Arizona and invite your friends. It’s going to be a party!