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Pet Friendly Vacations

pet friendly vacations
Like most dogs, local dog resident Rusty loves water, and Lake Havasu City is very pet-friendly!
Lake Havasu City is a laid-back destination that strives to make your vacation pet-friendly. It’s the kind of place where all visitors are welcome, including man’s best friend. We like to share the sunshiny goodness that is Lake Havasu City with everyone, and if that includes a canine companion or two, all the better.

Pet friendly vacations are our specialty

pet friendly vacations - lake havasu city dog parksYou’ll find three dog parks here in Lake Havasu City and pets are allowed in nearly all of our public parks. We’re all about pet-friendly vacations here in Lake Havasu City. You might even see a few pet owners enjoying the local shops with their sidekicks in tow.

If your pet has a penchant for boat rides and doggie-paddling, you’ll both love Lake Havasu. It’s not uncommon to see pets lounging on deck in the afternoon sun or leaping into the lake for a refreshing cool-down.

And if you’re traveling with your pet, you shouldn’t have to worry about where you’re going to stay on your Lake Havasu vacation. Pet friendly lodging options are plentiful in Lake Havasu City, and camping is another popular option for pet owners.

Ready to get Rover out of the house and bring him along on the Southwestern adventure of a lifetime? Explore our website to find the best lodging and Arizona activities for pet friendly vacations here in Lake Havasu City.